Homemade Vs Commercial Baby Food

06 Dec

You might ask me – What’s wrong with using Jarred/ Commercial baby foods? Take a Commercial baby food and check the Expiry Date. You will find that the food inside has been made to last for at least 1 – 2 years since the Manufactured Date. Is that what you intend to feed your baby?

The ingredients in Commercial baby foods are heated for very high temperatures and cooled to sterilise them. This makes it last longer, but removes a lot of flavour and some nutrients. Also exposure to processed foods, might cause digesting food in its actual form to  be difficult.

May be we can give them Commercial baby foods for the sake of convenience, but they are definitely not the healthier option. The best food that we can offer could be, what we prepare ourselves! We can be sure of what ingredients we use, hygiene and ensure that there are no thickeners and additives.

Trust Me! You can have plenty of combinations and variety which your baby would love!

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Posted by on December 6, 2008 in Baby Food Recipes, Good Parenting


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