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Joshua’s First Bday!!

Its Joshua’s first Birthday today 🙂 We have had so many guests at home. There is a party being planned in the evening. Joshua is so much full of fun and happiness, at least because I am on leave today 😉 I shall post a few of his snaps once its over.. Till then.. BYE…


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Pleasant Memories..

11 months old


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1 year old

I recently got a packet of Groundnuts from a Super Market. On saturday, I pressure cooked it with a little salt added. I removed the skin and neatly put a hand full of it in Joshua’s little plate. Joshua tasted each one of it with so much of curiosity and he loved it. Kids of this stage prefer finger foods and I observed that his intake was pretty good, rather than when being fed. I actually understood, he is no more a baby and that he has grown up and its high time that he needs his bit of freedom to decide on what and how to eat, as long as its health 😉


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I have been so obsessed with gardening since January. In fact, I had a quite a big garden in my hometown. I didnt think of it at Chennai till now, and was determined to have it only after Joshua’s birth. Now that we are a bit settled, I find it to be the right time to garden. I already have about 28 Potted / Container plants. I somehow relate plants with a baby. It relaxes and refreshes your mind. Every time I find a new leaf / bud coming up, I am so filled with joy and it spreads to others. I have a few Crotons, Roses, Cactus, Chrysanthemums etc. I am also planning to set up a Vegetable garden. With Joshua’s birthday coming up, I hardly find time to get those additional Containers / pots. I also have a plan to set up a Window box garden This is not a common one in India. So let me see, on how I can get it done with the local people.

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This week..

I have added 4 more Roses to my Plant collection. I was inspired looking at a few Indian blogs on gardening. I was amazed to look at the plant collection and interest. Looks like, I can never make it to that level, with all these space constraints 😦 I seriously wish we had an independent house! Owning an independent house at Chennai is such a prestigious thing. Anyways, I shall pour out my deepest desires to the Lord and He will answer me according to His will, in His own time 🙂 So I always have something to feel so glad about.

So many things have happened over this week. George has quit his company and is working with another Software firm now. This has forced me to take the bus facility now at 7.20 AM. It also gives me the cushion of reaching home early as well. I have started liking it – starting the day early and getting to spend some time with Joshua.

We have just started to plan for Joshua ‘s Bday party. Will keep you all updated.


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