Vegetable Garden Updates

07 Aug

I havent really given a proper update on my vegetable garden. Well, it actually came out well, even better than what I expected. I had good harvest (!!) especially with Spinach and it gave us a fresh supply every week for Joshua. I recently got rid of it, since I couldnt resist the pests that were around. The Ladies Finger grew up fast and we had a few ladies fingers in our curries & sambar. The bitter gourd turned out to be a flop with the watermelon suppressing the rest. I actually didnt know that it was watermelon 😦 I curse my ignorance!! The worst part was the presence of some white powdery substance. I am yet to find out what it is and the ways to control it. My immediate response was to get rid of those plants to save my other inmates of ‘Shalom’. As of now, I have started the veggie garden again with Spinach.
I thank God for the works of His marvelous hands, for the variety of vegetables He has provided us with! May the Great Lord bless our efforts. Amen

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Posted by on August 7, 2009 in Eco Club, Gardening, Vegetable Garden


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One response to “Vegetable Garden Updates

  1. Mrs. Fatima. C. Richard

    January 26, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    The site is awesome, filled with mind tingling knowledge, from food to anything needed to enlighten us on anything about kids. Thank You very much and keep the effort on…………………..

    God Bless You’ll for making things to valuable and better for us in the matter of Children and their feeding.


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