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Being an Eco Warrior.

I am back! It might look like I was hibernating! The fact was, Joshua fell sick repeatedly and he needed much of my attention. I couldn’t think of anything else other than his health. He has recovered now. I know that I havent kept my promises, of uploading his snaps. Please bear with me, as you have always done.
I have a lot of things to share with you all. Most important one is that, I have joined the Eco Club – an initiative run at my office and I am so proud to be a part of it. We had a meeting today, to discuss the action items for this month. They had earlier organised a ‘Tree Plantation Day’ and we are expecting a Potted Plants Show this month. We had a good response from our colleagues and the results are encouraging. We send out eco related mails to create awareness. I really appreciate with the way our company is taking up the responsibility for this social cause. I would also encourage other companies to do so. I have started taking up a few steps to be an Eco Warrior. I read that blackle saves energy, as the screen is predominantly black and that it is powered by Google. There was a request, asking the viewers to spread the word. I was so convinced, that I have made blackle as my homepage. With this, every time I open a new IE, I help in saving energy. I would recommend you to do this as well or include the following in your email signature – – Saving energy one search at a time.
We have planted 2 Gulmohar saplings right in front of our apartments. Its my prayer that, God with His abundant mercy will bless the effort of our hands and help it grow 🙂
I shall give you the other updates, in my next post!! 🙂 Have a great day!!

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Easter Vacation & Garden Updates

The trip to Nagercoil for Easter was great. We were surprised to find it heavily raining, in contrary to the scorching heat at Chennai. Joshua was too busy, going out for bike rides with my dad and entertaining people 😉 He simply didnt look for me 😦 I fell sick on reaching Chennai. I was down with fever and Low BP. I am fine now after two doses of tablets.

My Garden updates goes like this…..3.

ChrysanthemumThis was how my Chrysanthemum looked a week back, just before the vacation. Its a lot different now, having lost its bloom n vigour. canna-lilly I got this from the local nursery and I just love it.
Coleus I am so fond of Coleus. It grows so easily with not much care. I love it for the varied colours it comes in.

There are two more additions to my ‘Shalom’ garden. A dwarf Ixora and another Rose (Yellow colour). Another happy news!! I have started the vegetable garden by sowing Ladies finger, Tomato and a few other seeds. The progress is in fact very good.


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Joshua’s First Bday!!

Its Joshua’s first Birthday today 🙂 We have had so many guests at home. There is a party being planned in the evening. Joshua is so much full of fun and happiness, at least because I am on leave today 😉 I shall post a few of his snaps once its over.. Till then.. BYE…


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Pleasant Memories..

11 months old


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This week..

I have added 4 more Roses to my Plant collection. I was inspired looking at a few Indian blogs on gardening. I was amazed to look at the plant collection and interest. Looks like, I can never make it to that level, with all these space constraints 😦 I seriously wish we had an independent house! Owning an independent house at Chennai is such a prestigious thing. Anyways, I shall pour out my deepest desires to the Lord and He will answer me according to His will, in His own time 🙂 So I always have something to feel so glad about.

So many things have happened over this week. George has quit his company and is working with another Software firm now. This has forced me to take the bus facility now at 7.20 AM. It also gives me the cushion of reaching home early as well. I have started liking it – starting the day early and getting to spend some time with Joshua.

We have just started to plan for Joshua ‘s Bday party. Will keep you all updated.


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Daily Blogger Award

Daily Blogger

Daily Blogger

I was inspired looking at this Daily Blogger Award at Bloggingwv to award it to someone who sincerely blog. As they say, this award is to be given to blogs that have at least 5 posts per week (one per day, give or take.)
I award it to
Elsie Montgomery – Living My Faith
Melissa – Tiny Happy
Please pass it on to those who deserve 🙂


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